Wideshot 2I’m a freelance graphic designer and marketing/design consultant based in Atlanta. I specialize in working with performing arts and nonprofit groups. I have experience with advertising, social media, branding/rebranding, and program design. I’m also a professional singer. Click here for that side of my life.



“Cory’s artistry is apparent in every aspect of his work – singing or designing – and he has a particular ability to take in the essence of our vision and turn it into a look and feel that immediately brands the event or promotional material.  I personally love working with him because he listens, thinks, and goes on the journey with us!”

–Donald, The Crossing; Northwestern University


“Cory’s keen eye for media design has completely revamped our look and the way our followers and audience interact with us.  His beautiful work has made us fresher and more modern, in keeping with our aesthetic and mission.”

–JD, Kinnara Ensemble


“Cory has a keen eye for holistic, integrated design. Whether for print or web, he has an immense tool box available to help small businesses and nonprofits establish a unique brand identity. He can provide solutions – both through technology and old-school look-and-feel – to launch new initiatives and business endeavors. By providing a complete set of creative services – messaging, imagery, target marketing and design – he can help a business with challenging problems or opportunities. His work in establishing a more cohesive brand identity for the Santa Fe Desert Chorale in 2014 enabled the organization to pursue new pockets of audience members, funders and community partners. Having worked with a number of other nonprofit, arts organizations and small businesses, he has established a reputation as a fresh and thoughtful designer and marketing coach. ”

–Daniel, Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits